Our vision of the mountain bike of today and tomorrow is closely linked to the concept of
ethics and sustainability. We think that complex problems related to production impact can be solved
cushion with simple solutions, starting from the base.

Producing in Italy guarantees greater protection of the environment and workers, a
unlike the work carried out in developing countries, where these protections come
many times sacrificed only for greater profit.

Double3 technical clothing is made to last over time; made with the utmost care
and the best materials, only the previously ordered garments are produced, in order to avoid
storage, thereby reducing waste, pollutants and emissions.
All suits come with a repair kit, like our grandparents once did.
We looked to the past to project Double3 into the future.

The average life of clothing in the past was three times longer than a product
today, this was not only due to higher quality but also to maintenance.
anything that broke was repaired, today like yesterday we must understand that more
a product will last and people and the environment will benefit more.

It is important for us to create a new awareness and a new way of life
clothing by involving other producers and our customers.
Through these small actions we could also drastically reduce textile waste in landfills.

This is our vision of ethics and sustainability.

If we manage to achieve all this it is thanks to all those people who believe and support
our project. And to those brands that have inspired us, like Poc and Fox, and stimulate us to
improve and overcome our limits.

Thank you all!

Our clothing is made to last

These are just some testimonials to the durability of Double3 technical clothing.

The longer a product lasts, the more people and the environment will benefit from it.